Add a Personal Spark to Your Electric Wheelchair

Posted on: 28 July 2016

You are one of a kind. Shouldn't your wheelchair be, too? Here are five fun ways to dress up your electric wheelchair so it reflects your personal style. 

Custom Cushions

One quick and simple way to personalize your wheelchair is to find a fabulous fabric for your seat and back cushions. 

You can buy cushions already made or have them made especially for you from fabric you choose. This is a great choice because you can have the cushion made to fit your specific chair. 

Consider having several options for your cushions at any given time so you can easily switch things up when you want to. 

LED Lights 

Add a set of lights to your chair to really amp up the fun factor. A simple string of LED lights lining the chair or just across the back will get you noticed and make a style statement. Your electric chair should easily accommodate lighting. 

Stylish Storage

A wheelchair can always use extra storage. You probably already have bags you can hang on your chair or even a trailer you can tote along with you. Consider choosing some new bags in a funky fabric that you love. 

Colorful bags and trailers will set your chair apart from the rest and put a smile on your face every time you use them. 

Wacky Wheels

What's a wheelchair without amazing wheels? You have a variety of options when spicing up your spokes. 

  • Change the color of your spokes. Get a bright neon pink or lime green. 
  • Add an LED display to the inside of your wheels. You can have a random design, moving graphics, or even your name. 
  • Buy wheel covers in any number of styles, colors, and patterns. Some of these covers cover the rims of wheels while others are large covers for the insides. 

Costume Creations

Why stop with accessories? Take the extra step and outfit your chair with its own costume. 

With some boxes and craft supplies, you can create a homemade costume for your wheelchair. Turn it into an ice cream stand, a construction truck, a race car, or a train. 

Use covers and fabric to make it look like you are riding a horse or even flying. Create a spaceship or other vehicle from your favorite movie. You are sure to be the hit of the next cosplay event you attend. 

You don't have to settle for a boring electric wheelchair. You can have some fun and get noticed by turning your chair into something unique.

Talk to a company such as Pro-Med Equipment & Supply if you're concerned about whether a modification may or may not be good for your wheelchair.