4 Effective Ways To Minimize Urinary Incontinence After Pregnancy

Posted on: 17 October 2016

If you developed urinary incontinence during pregnancy and still can't get the situation under control now that you have had your baby, there are a few things you can do that should help alleviate the problem. Consider using one or more of the following ideas:

Focus on Weight Loss

If you have a few pounds left to lose after your recent pregnancy, consider making the task a priority. Research shows that losing some weight can significantly reduce the occurrence of urinary leakage. Weight loss will also minimize your chances of developing ailments such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. You don't have to enroll in a workout boot camp or make yourself feel deprived in order to lose weight and gain control over your bladder again. Making a few small changes throughout your day should be enough to lose the few pounds you'd like to get rid of – consider making the following changes a priority in your daily life:

  • Drink water before each meal so you feel full and satisfied with less food.
  • Spend ten minutes of your lunch-hour walking.
  • Lose the remote controls at home.
  • Take a short bike ride after dinner every evening.
  • Aim to fill each of your meal plates at least halfway with vegetables.

As long as you stay consistent with the changes you decide to make, you should start to see and feel some results within just a couple of weeks.

Get a Tummy Tuck

Believe it or not, getting a tummy tuck can greatly relieve your urinary incontinence discomfort. During the procedure, a small obstruction is created in the bladder using soft tissue which blocks urine leakage and minimizes the chance of unwanted accidents, which is especially helpful during periods of physical activity. And of course, getting a tummy tuck will provide you with a more toned look when all is said and done.

Many people experience the ability to maintain better posture after having their tummy tucked too. If you plan to lose weight as part of your urinary incontinence treatment protocol, it's important to do so before scheduling a tummy tuck. This will ensure that you aren't left with any unwanted skin or tissue once all of the weight is lost and feel the need to get another tummy tuck. To learn more, visit a site like http://www.cosmeticsurgeonbellevue.com.

Meditate Regularly

Meditation accommodates a personal connection between the mind and body, which has been shown to help people regain control over urinary incontinence over time. Through the use of meditation as cognitive therapy, you have the opportunity to learn about the link between your bladder and brain so you can better manage that link and gain control over your urinary accidents.

Look for a meditation group in your area to join that focuses on mind and body balancing, or even incontinence issues specifically if possible. You'll also find a variety of DVDs and books at the library that you can check out and use at home to develop your own personal meditation sessions to practice in the privacy of your own home.

Practice Yoga

Another practice to consider incorporating into your life for bladder control is yoga. In a research study done at UC San Francisco, 20 women were monitored throughout a six-week period where half of the women participated in a yoga program and the other half did not. The women who participated in yoga during the study experienced a 70 percent reduction in urinary incontinence. So consider joining a yoga class at your local community center or taking advantage of online videos to practice in private.

These tips and tricks can be used alone or in combination with one another in order to grab control of your urinary incontinence and maintain a more comfortable lifestyle overall.