Natural Help With Osteoporosis

Posted on: 10 March 2017

Osteoporosis is a painful condition that is caused by weak areas or little holes that form in your bones. Not only does the condition hurt, but it can also lead to fractures in your bones that can happen easily. This condition tends to occur in people when they approach middle age. There are some lifestyle choices that can increase your chances of developing this condition such as inactivity, steroid use, and an improper diet. However, sometimes the condition can have other causes such as low levels of vitamin D or hormonal imbalances. If you end up with osteoporosis, then there are some natural remedies you can try that can help with the pain and discomfort of the condition. You can learn about some of those natural remedies by reading the information here:

Eat a diet rich in green, leafy vegetables

Eating plenty of green, leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, can help you to feel better when you suffer from osteoporosis. Increasing the amount of these foods that you eat can help to make your bones stronger and they can also help reduce inflammation.

Take natural supplements that will help you feel better

There are some natural supplements that will also help to reduce inflammation and strengthen your bones. A few examples of these supplements include calcium, vitamin K, and magnesium. Taking a good daily vitamin can be an easy way for you to increase your intake of these supplements.

Increase your exercise

You can also feel better by increasing your exercise. Weight training is a great way for you to improve your overall health and to lessen the pain you feel when you are suffering from osteoporosis. Always check with your doctor before you start any new exercise routine and get approval from them. Start out slow and increase the amount of weights you lift over time. This way, you won't end up causing yourself more pain.

Use essential oils

Essential oils can help with a lot of conditions and osteoporosis is one of the conditions they can be helpful for. There are many essential oils that can help with things like inflammation and pain, but a few of them that you should consider trying first include fir, cypress, and frankincense. You can put these oils into a diffuser so you will breathe them in throughout the day or you can apply them topically a few times a day.