How To Treat Bloating Caused By Liver Disease

Posted on: 17 May 2017

It is common to ignore the signs of an expanding waistline or just feeling full after eating. Many people feel that bloating is normal. However, it can be a sign of something more serious. This condition causes the abnormal buildup of fluid in your stomach and pelvic. Read on to find out how to treat bloating or ascites caused by liver disease.

What Is Liver Disease?

Your liver is responsible for many essential functions that occur within your body. If this organ becomes damaged or diseased, then its loss can cause significant damage to your body. Liver disease prevents your liver from carrying out these functions. This results in your body not functioning normally and causes you to get ill.

How Does Ascites Affects Liver Disease?

When someone has a liver disorder, ascitic liquid leaks from your intestine and liver. This fluid accumulates in your stomach. This occurs for a variety of reasons, such as changes in your hormones that control body fluids, portal hypertension and fluid retention by the kidneys. Portal hypertension is when blood pressure increases within your portal venous system.

You can also have problems with bloating when albumin leaks. Albumin is one of the main proteins in your body. It usually leaks from your blood vessels into your stomach. When albumin leaks, it also causes fluid to leak into your abdomen area.

The buildup of fluid can make your stomach very large. It can also make you feel uncomfortable, short of breath and have a loss of appetite.

How To Treat Ascites

One of the most common ways to treat ascites is with rest and a low sodium diet. Lowering your sodium intake helps with reducing ascites. You should eat low-sodium foods, such as more vegetables and fruits. It also helps to drink more water. Water helps to weaken the amount of sodium in your blood. It also balances out your sodium and fluid intake.

If the diet is not working, then you may want to consider diuretics. Diuretics make your kidneys pass more water and sodium through your urine. If you are having problems breathing because of the bloating, then you may want to consider a surgical procedure to drain the fluid.

It helps to talk to a stomach doctor to help with deciding on the best treatments for stomach ascites. Liver disease is one of the causes for this condition. It is important to get diagnosed so your doctor will know how to treat the bloating.