Three Questions About Using Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Posted on: 17 May 2017

Managing your body hair can be a never-ending task. In addition to being time-consuming, it can also be uncomfortable and cause intense skin irritation. While plucking and shaving are among the more common strategies for removing unwanted hair, laser hair removal can be an option that may provide superior results.

How Do Laser Treatments Remove Hair?

During a laser hair removal procedure, an intense laser light will be applied to the follicle of each individual hair in the area that is being treated. The heat and energy from this laser will destroy the follicle, which will prevent the hair from growing. Unfortunately, hair that is particularly coarse may not be effectively treated by this option as the follicle will be extremely resistant, but a trained laser hair removal technician will be able to discuss whether this treatment can be effective for your hair removal goals.

Will You Need To Undergo Laser Hair Removal Treatments On A Routine Basis?

When individuals are considering going through hair removal treatments, they may assume that this treatment will be completed in a single session. Yet, it is common for patients to require numerous treatments in order to achieve their desired results. Additionally, you should be aware that some of the hair that is removed by this procedure may return, which will require additional treatments to remove. The exact amount of hair that returns can vary from one person to another due to their body's unique healing abilities. Fortunately, this should not be an issue that you have to worry about for many months, and if some of the hair returns, it will likely be far less thick.

What Steps Are Taken To Manage The Pain From These Treatments?

Individuals that are contemplating going through this procedure may assume that it will be extremely painful, and this can make them very concerned about pain management. Luckily, laser hair removal is not a particularly painful procedure. Typically, patients will only feel a mild prick when the laser is administered, and there will be breaks throughout this procedure. Individuals that are extremely sensitive to pain may still have concerns about this treatment, and it may be possible for the technician to administer a local numbing agent to further dull any painful sensations that the patient may experience. In the days that follows this treatment, there may be some slight skin irritation, but this should be able to be handled with an analgesic ointment that you will be given.

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