Preparing For The Shooting Range

Posted on: 27 April 2018

If you are going to a shooting range, then you want to make sure you are prepared. There are some things you should do and some things you should get yourself to make the experience a good one. You can learn about these things by reviewing the information that has been provided in this article:

Make sure you bring your ID card

You don't want to forget to bring your ID card; the employees at the shooting range are going to need to see this. Make sure it is a card with a valid date and a picture that still looks like you. They are going to need to be able to verify your age and personal information.

Bring your own gun if you own one

If you own your own gun, then you should definitely try to bring your own. It's nice to practice shooting with your own gun so you get more comfortable with it and used to the way it feels. However, if you don't own a gun, then you will be glad to know that most shooting ranges will have rental guns available that you can use while you are there. Most of the ranges that have guns for you to rent have both pistols and rifles for you to rent.

Wear comfortable clothing

You want to make sure you aren't wearing uncomfortable clothing that is going to leave you feeling restricted while you are trying to have a good time shooting at the shooting range. You also want to make sure you are wearing very comfortable shoes so your feet don't get tired or sore.

Make sure you bring enough money

Check out the price of the shooting range ahead of time so you know that you are bringing enough money with you. Also, there may be snacks and drinks available, so you may want to bring a little something extra if you think you are going to want to eat or drink while you take a break from shooting for a few minutes.

Bring ear plugs with you

You are definitely going to want to be wearing comfortable ear plugs for shooting that work well. You should keep them in their container when not in use,so they don't get dirt on them.

Be prepared to read and sign waivers

You will of course have some waivers and documents to go over. These will educate you on the rules and procedures of using the shooting range. So, if you need reading glasses, then bring them with you as well.