Updating Your Pharmacy

Posted on: 19 March 2019

If you own a pharmacy and your pharmacy has had the same design and layout for years, then it may be time for you to stand back and take a look at the way that your pharmacy is currently set up. If you have brought in new products throughout the years and gathered a steady rate of new customers, then you may have outgrown the current layout. However, you may not need to go into a larger space but instead may need to do some redesigning to your current space. Here are some things that you may want to think about in regards to the changes you can make to the pharmacy space.

Create More Floor Space

You may have added more products throughout the years that are eating away at your floor space and making the pharmacy crowded in an uncomfortable manner for your customers. If this is the case, then you may need to bring some of those products up off the floor to gain back some of that lost space. Shelves installed higher up on free walls can help with this. You can put the items that aren't purchased as often on these shelves. If people request them and can't reach them, then you can help them, or you can keep stock in the back you can get for them.

You can also update your current displays to go with ones that have been designed to display your products without taking up as much space. For example, your current displays may be wide and thinner ones may work just as well for displaying items, and work much better for making more floor space for the customers who come in.

Free up the Lines

Another thing you may want to consider is adding a drive-thru window to the outside of your pharmacy. At this window, customers can drive right up and drop off their prescriptions. Then, when their prescriptions are done, they can return to the window to pick them up. This allows you to serve more customers without having all of them inside of the pharmacy creating long lines.

Go With Bench Seating

If you currently have single seats in the pharmacy for those who can't stand long, then you may want to replace them with bench seating that can go up against a wall. The bench seating will allow just as many people to sit, but the bench will take up less room in the pharmacy.

Consider these options when you are thinking about a new pharmacy design for your space.