Detoxing: More Than Just Weight Loss

Posted on: 14 May 2019

Detox and weight loss often go hand-in-hand, but a detox offers much more. Detox systems also help improve your body's function and performance, which can improve your overall health. If you've stayed away from detox programs because you thought they were all about weight loss, learn the truth.

Immune System 

Many illnesses are the result of human exchange. When an infected person touches a surface, they transfer their germs. When the next person comes along and touches the same surface, they transfer the germs to their body.

You need a strong immune system in order to fight off these germs. A poor diet can hinder the performance of your lymphatic and digestive functions, which are critical in immune system performance. A detox program can help bring balance to these functions so that they perform better, and your immune system becomes stronger.


What you eat is highlighted by the way you feel and not just in terms of your physical performance. Your diet can also affect your mood.

As toxins flood the body from unhealthy food selections, it can affect your ability to sleep and even make you feel more anxious, which can keep you from feeling happy and relaxed. A detox is an excellent way to rid the body of excess toxins and restore balance to your mood. 


At the end of a detox program, it's not uncommon to also notice a difference in the appearance of your skin. Eating a poor diet can dull your skin, increase the risk of breakouts, and in some instances, lead to uneven skin tone. By cleaning out the leftover toxins, you can make your skin appear healthier.

Remember, not all detox programs are the same. It's important to choose a program that is researched based and specially formulated, options such as NuMedica are a great place to begin.


One of the worst things unhealthy foods do is that they increase inflammation. Inflammation can affect your organs, joints, and other areas of your body.

Not only can inflammation prevent your organs from functioning correctly, but the issue can also lead to discomfort and raise mobility concerns, especially when it comes to inflammation around your joints. A detox can help rid your body of these inflammation-inducing toxins to return your body to a healthier state.

A detox can give your body the reset it needs and deserves to help improve your overall health.