Improving Patient Experience At Your Hospital

Posted on: 20 July 2019

As you work to keep your hospital in working order, it's easy to become consumed by internal issues and staffing concerns. However, improving patient experiences at your hospital is vital to the purpose of your facility. Making things better for the people who come through your doors for testing, procedures, and emergencies will help the community trust and appreciate the hospital's presence. Luckily, the following suggestions and details aren't difficult to put in place.

Use Patient Journey Management Software

Technology has been improving things in hospitals for a while, and there is software available which can help you in your goal to better serve the community. Patient journey management software enables you to better inform patients about their care. Through the software, they can sign in, see where they are in the queue, and learn additional information. This gives people more insight into what's going on—they won't have to ask people when their turn is, whether their tests are complete, or other questions. The software can help staffers input as much detail as possible to keep patients "in the loop" about their own care. Typically the software can be downloaded onto personal phones, which makes it even more useful.

Many software platforms also offer analytics that will be useful for your facility. You can look at how long patient wait times are, for example. By better informing patients and analyzing reports, you can streamline hospital activities with journey management software. Reach out to a company like Customer Evolution to learn more.

Revamp Wayfinding

When people come into the hospital, they have a specific reason for being there. However, because they may not visit your hospital often, they aren't sure where the right department is. If they're dealing with an emergency situation, it can be especially frustrating to figure out where to go. Therefore, your wayfinding efforts need to meet patient and visitor needs. You could use color-coded arrows on the wall or floor, for instance.

Seek Patient Feedback

Sometimes asking is the most appropriate way to receive answers you need. Using patient surveys and talking with patients in real-time can give you insight about whether your facility is functioning well enough for those under medical supervision. Keep your mind open to possible solutions.

Steps like these can make the entire hospital a more welcoming place for the community. Ensure that your administrators and floor staff are on the same page. Your facility can be an even better place for the patients you all serve.