When Do People See Radiologists?

Posted on: 21 August 2020

Radiologists are doctors that use radiology and related technology such as X-Rays, MRIs, CT scans, and other technology to take images of the inside of your body. They do this in order to diagnose and analyze any issues you may have. People see radiologists when they enter the emergency room, during both preventative and ongoing cancer screenings, and during radiation therapy.

In The Emergency Room

One of the most common ways that people interact with radiology services is when they enter the emergency room after an accident. They do this so that they and the other doctors can have a better idea as to the nature of your trauma, such as what body parts are injured, where foreign objects might be, and even where your arteries are clogged. The emergency specialty of radiology is one of the largest specialties, next to cancer-related specialties, and radiologists have been an important part of the hospital system for decades. Without radiologists in the emergency room, it would be much harder for ER doctors and nurses to treat your injuries or illnesses or to save your life.

For Preventative Cancer Screening

Another time that many people meet with a radiologist is when they go into a doctor's office for preventative cancer screening. How often you need to visit a radiologist or radiology service center depends on your age, sex, and other factors, but in general, as people get older they tend to need more cancer screenings. Without these services, it would be much harder for the most common types of cancer to be caught while they're still treatable or before the point where they start causing pain or other distress.

During Cancer Treatment

Another cancer-related specialty within the field of radiology is that of radiologists who treat or assist with the treatment of cancer. Cancer treatment requires multiple screenings of the patient in order to track how well the treatment is working over time. Additionally, some radiologists also use radiology to treat cancer. Some cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy instead of chemotherapy because radiation therapy is more focused and generally has fewer negative side effects compared to chemotherapy. Without these services, it would be difficult to know how well particular cancer treatments work on a per-patient basis, and many patients would have a harder time while in cancer treatment.

If you need preventative cancer screenings, ongoing cancer screenings, radiation therapy, or even need to visit the emergency room, there is a decent chance that you will undergo radiology services under the care of a radiologist. To learn more about radiology, contact a local medical center such as Elkview General Hospital.