FAQs About Medical Transportation

Posted on: 14 April 2021

What do you need to know about non-emergency medical transportation? If you're new to this type of service, take a look at the top questions patients have answered.

Does This Service Provide Transportation to the ER?

If you have a medical emergency and need to go immediately to the emergency room, this isn't the right transportation service to choose. Emergency medical issues require an ambulance service. But if you have a routine doctor's appointment, need scheduled medical testing, or have another similar healthcare-related need, a non-emergency medical transport service can help you to arrive on time.

Why Choose This Type of Transportation?

Are you unable to drive because of a physical or medical condition, injury, or another similar health-related condition? If you can no longer drive, you don't have your own vehicle, or you don't have a reliable family member/friend to consistently provide transportation, you will need extra assistance getting to and from your doctor's appointments. A transportation company that solely supplies medical services provides the help you need right now to stay healthy.

Does This Service Go to All Medical Facilities?

The answer to this question depends on the transportation service provider. Most transportation contractors have a limited local service area. Before you select one transportation service, ask the company if they are able to bring you to the hospital, doctor's office, or another medical facility. If you have more than one appointment scheduled, make sure the transportation company provides services to each facility or doctor's office.

Are the Vehicles Equipped for Wheelchairs?

Public transportation and rideshare options are challenging to navigate with a wheelchair. This makes medical service-specific transportation a preferred mode of travel for many patients. Most healthcare transportation providers have vehicles equipped for wheelchair use. Contact the service provider with questions about the specific type of vehicle, accessibility, and wheelchair-related issues before you arrange a ride.

Does This Type of Transportation Include Other Services?

More specifically, can the driver take you to other non-medical appointments? Most transportation companies only provide service to and from healthcare-related facilities. If you need help getting to the grocery store, the hair salon, or another non-medical appointment, you will have to find alternative transportation.

Who Drives the Vehicle?

There isn't one universal answer to this question. Most medical service transportation providers hire highly qualified drivers to transport medical patients to their appointments. To learn more about the specific qualifications or credentials drivers have, ask the company for information.