Rent Portable Equipment for Oxygen Therapy Requirements

Posted on: 16 July 2021

An oxygen concentrator is the main part of your oxygen therapy equipment and is responsible for compressing and purifying the air that you will be breathing in. If the bulkiness of your equipment makes it unsuitable to use while traveling, consider renting a portable oxygen unit. A portable unit will provide you with the freedom to leave your home, without compromising your daily therapy requirements.

Choosing the Right Unit

Portable oxygen concentrators are often lightweight and take up a minimal amount of space. Equipment that is designed for travel purposes can be brought on an airplane or other forms of public transportation being utilized during your travels. The battery life of a rental unit is also one of the most important variables to consider when comparing equipment.

A medical supply company may feature several portable units manufactured by different companies. A battery's life may vary, depending upon the size of a rental unit and the type of battery that is furnished.

Consider the amount of time that it will take to travel to a proposed destination. Factor in time that may be spent at an airport terminal or another public location. Speak to a customer representative of a medical supply company, such as alpine oxygen, and inform them about your proposed travel plans. You will be matched with a rental unit that contains a battery that will not lose its charge during the times when you will need to use a rental concentrator.

If your oxygen therapy regimen consists of the occasional use of oxygen, you have the option of renting a unit with a shorter battery lifespan. If oxygen is needed on a consistent basis, renting a concentrator that utilizes a battery with a longer lifespan will be necessary.

Transporting a Unit

Compare the weight of rental equipment. If you will be backpacking or walking around a tourist city, you should consider using a backpack or shoulder bag designed to hold oxygen equipment. Either bag style will alleviate you from carrying the equipment in your hands and possibly dropping it.

If you choose a portable unit that is a little bit heavier than what you planned on, renting or purchasing a cart may be necessary. A cart will allow you to push around a rental unit. If your oxygen therapy needs are going to be limited to short stints throughout your vacation, and you do not plan on walking around much, a larger rental unit will suffice for your therapy needs.