Signs That You Need to Go to a Substance Abuse Rehab

Posted on: 10 August 2021

Modern-day lifestyles have many temptations and frustrations that drive people into drug abuse. Drug addiction begins when you hope that something out there can compensate for the emptiness you feel. Lucky, for those suffering from drug addiction, substance abuse rehab facilities exist to help drug addicts recover from the condition. This article explains the significant signs that you or your relative needs help. 

Lack of Control

Drug users forego treatment if they feel they have the habit under control. However, if you start questioning whether you need help or not, you probably do. Rehab facilities teach you to restrain yourself and enable you to resist negative feelings and actions. Unfortunately, the life of a drug addict is such that the mind is programmed to respond to issues by taking drugs. Rehab facilities reverse this pattern of behavior and ensure you have your control back.


Highly addictive substances result in cravings that make you restless when you are not using them. Different factors trigger cravings, including the environment, emotions, and other situations. Whenever you have such cravings, you probably need help to dial down the intense desires. Professional treatment also helps prevent future exposure to the triggers from producing a similar desire. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

Abruptly reducing drug usage sends most addicts into unbearable pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, sweating, hallucinations, seizures, and vomiting. However, you do not have to suffer in silence, reduce your productivity, or worry your loved ones as you try to shake off the drug abuse problem. These symptoms are treatable through medical interventions and a change of environment. The best place to find this type of help is a substance abuse rehab facility. 

Dangerous Use

The dangerous use of drugs ranges from simple issues such as smoking while driving to sharing needles in a backstreet alley. You might dismiss your tendency to sip your 'driving whiskey' since you always get home safe, but it is still dangerous. You might tolerate drug use patterns that seem harmless, but you may just be getting lucky. When your luck runs out, you cannot repair the extensive damages you may face. Therefore, you should tame your drug use habits early enough, especially when they pose a danger to your life, loved ones, property, and other people. 

Opiate Addiction

Doctors prescribe powerful pain medications for patients who undergo surgery or other medical procedures that cause pain during recovery. Pain management using opiates is a common trend, but you might get hooked on these drugs. In addition, the euphoria and tranquility produced by opiates may lure people into destructive habits. Therefore, opiates have the potential to lure you into drug abuse. Whenever you are recovering from a medical procedure, you should always watch out for any signs of addiction. Symptoms of opiate addiction include physical dependence, low libido, hyperalgesia (extreme response to pain), slurred speech, nausea, chronic constipation, and small pupils. A substance abuse rehab center can help you deal with this issue and prevent its escalation in a crisis.

You should seek help from a substance abuse rehab facility whenever you feel like you lack self-control or experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms resulting from drug usage. Rehab facilities are also crucial in helping you deal with addiction to pain meds and preventing the dangerous use of drugs.