Hormone Replacement Therapy Might Improve Your Enjoyment Of Life And Manage Menopausal Problems

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Whether you're male or female, you may need to think about hormone replacement therapy when you approach older life. Taking testosterone or estrogen might improve the quality of your life without creating too much of a risk for your health. Talk to your doctor for a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits and so you get the best results. Here are a few things to know about hormone replacement therapy.

Women Should Start Therapy Early In Menopause

Your doctor can advise you on the right time to start hormone replacement therapy. It's recommended that you start hormone therapy within 10 years after menopause and stop by the age of 59 because it's thought that the risks of taking hormones are higher after age 60. Under that age, the benefits tend to outweigh the risks, but your doctor has to consider your health and medical conditions too.

Hormone Therapy Provides Many Benefits

Keeping your hormones at a more youthful level has many benefits. If you're a woman, you may experience less vaginal dryness and improved skin thickness in your vagina that makes your romantic life more enjoyable. If you're a man, hormone replacement therapy may improve your sexual desire. There could be health benefits for both genders that include reduced risk of diabetes, improved cardiovascular health, improved mood, better brain function, better sleep, more energy, and stronger bones.

Hormone Therapy Is Taken Different Ways

Hormone replacement therapy can be taken in a way that you find most convenient. There are shots, patches, implants, creams, oral methods, and vaginal methods for taking hormones. Your doctor will probably start you at the lowest dose and work up to find the right amount for you. You might even take bioidentical hormones made specifically for you at a compounding pharmacy.

Some methods have a risk of getting on your partner or kids. For instance, if you take topical testosterone, you'll want to make sure members of your family don't touch the application area and absorb some of the testosterone. Many types of hormones are taken daily, while implants can last for several months.

Hormone replacement therapy could potentially make a difference in the quality of your life. Low hormones can make you tired, affect your love life, and make you feel older than you are. Beginning hormone therapy might seem intimidating, but with the help and counsel of your doctor, you can make your decision to take hormones confidently so you get the most enjoyment from life as you age. For more information, contact a service like Genemedics Health Institute.