Benefits Of Using A Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Posted on: 17 January 2022

If you run a business in which you're concerned about the health of those who enter your building, one step that you've perhaps taken is to have an employee use a handheld infrared thermometer to check peoples' temperature at the door. Someone whose temperature is in the accepted range can continue into the building, while those who have high temperatures will not be permitted. An alternative to this scenario is to buy a temperature screening kiosk that you can situate at the building's entrance. People step in front of this device so that it can read and display their temperature. Here are some benefits of using this kiosk.

No Close Contact

When a staff member uses an infrared thermometer to check someone's temperature at the door, they need to stand within a relatively close distance to the person. While it's important for any employee who performs this task to wear the proper personal protective gear, they may still feel unnerved about being close to someone who could be ill. A major benefit of using a temperature screening kiosk is that scanning can occur without any of your staff members getting too close. A staff member who oversees the scanning can sit nearby behind a large plexiglass shield, for example, where they'll be safe from airborne germs.

Less Employee Time Investment

You might feel partially concerned about the amount of time your employees are investing in scanning people as they enter the building, even if you feel that this practice is necessary. This task can be somewhat labor-intensive. For example, the employee must approach the person, explain the procedure, and then perform it. It's far faster to have a temperature scanning kiosk with a clear set of instructions for people to follow. The presence of this machine will result in less of a time investment for your staff.

Fast Results

It's reasonable to expect that using a temperature scanning kiosk will provide faster results than having an employee scan people. To perform a manual scan, an employee has to turn on the handheld thermometer, aim it, press the button, and then check the display screen. If an employee is new to this role, they may struggle to perform it quickly. Conversely, kiosks are known for their quick results, displaying a person's temperature just an instant after they step in front of the machine. If you occasionally have a large group of people enter your building at the same time, and you want to expedite the entry process, a temperature scanning kiosk's fast results can be favorable.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for temperature scanning kiosk suppliers near you.