Correcting Your Assumptions About Eye Exams

Posted on: 29 December 2020

When a person fails to effectively meet the healthcare needs of their eyes, they can put themselves in a position of being more likely to suffer significant vision problems in the future. Eye exams can be an integral part of keeping your eyes healthy, but many people will allow some misconceptions to lead them astray when it comes to these important evaluations.

Myth: An Eye Exam Will Be Good For Years

An especially common assumption that people can have about eye exams is that these will be good for many years. However, this is not the case as a person will need to undergo an eye exam each year. If a person is not receiving this type of an exam on a regular basis, they will be at a much greater risk of developing serious complications as a result of eye problems that they may not have recognized developing. By receiving one of these exams each year, you will be able to significantly improve the chances of these issues being diagnosed so that corrective action can be taken.

Myth: You Will Be Unable To See Most Of The Day After Your Eye Exam

As part of the process of conducting an eye examination, it will be necessary for the pupils of the patient to be dilated. This will allow for the interior of the eye to be examined so that any structural defects, damages, or other problems can be seen. A side effect of the dilation process is that the patient's eyes will be very light sensitive for some period of time. Luckily, these effects will start to fade within a matter of hours so that the impact on your daily schedule or quality of life can be minimized.

Myth: Eye Exam Providers Always Sell Glasses And Corrective Lenses

It is often the case that individuals will need to get corrective lenses, and this can be a reason for them to seek out an eye examination. Yet, it is important to be aware of the fact that not all eye exam providers will also sell corrective lenses. In fact, there are many providers that specialize in offering medical eye exams to patients, and these providers may be set up to offer highly efficient and thorough eye exams while lacking the equipment needed to make lenses or to outfit frames with lenses. However, these service providers will be able to give you a prescription that you will be able to take to any eyeglass provider to have the correct lenses made.